There's actually more to the process of choosing a law firm than choosing the ones with six-figure salaries and also the high-profile clients. You need to discover on how to find a firm that will match your interest, motivation and skills.


In order to ensure that your legal career will get off on the highest possible start, you should choose the right Atlanta personal injury attorney for you. However, with a lot of things to consider and many firms that you could choose from, how could you identify the one that's most suitable for you?


The first thing is to ask yourself on what you want from your legal career and then do research on firms which lines up with your goals. Consider the factors below in making your choice:


The Practice Area


Training contracts are actually designed in giving you experience in various areas of law. But it is a good idea that you decide which areas you have interest in before you apply.


Practice areas will cover up everything from criminal law, banking and finance, family and children, personal injury and commercial and on environment to intellectual property. You also could have ambitions in specializing in a niche area like sports, media law and shipping.


The practice area that you choose will help determine which firms you could apply, which makes your list of options more manageable.  For more facts and information regarding attorneys, you can go to


The Size


You also need to consider if you want to work for a small or large firm. There's actually no right or wrong choice. All of it will come down to what kind of Bader Law Firm you like to work for. You need to remember that and affecting the clients that you deal with and on the work that you do. The size of the company also will impact with trainee numbers.


Larger companies tend to be commercial, city practices that advise major organizations. The high-street firms are considered to be the smallest and will advise members of the public.


The Training Programme


Before, trainees will need to complete four 6 month seats in various departments. This kind of structure will however vary between each firm's.


There are some firms that offers 6 four month seats that allows you to experience more areas of law, but in less depths. There are also other firms which impose mandatory seats, especially when they are known on their work on a certain area. This would be where your research is essential. You need to find out what your preferred firm will offer and check whether this matches on your requirements.



Your research needs to go beyond their websites. It is best that you take a look on their social media pages, reading up on cases that they have been involved in through the press and industry journals and then find out their stance on the corporate social responsibility.